Мнения за Accademia del Lusso и преживявания на студентите

Cтуденти от Училището за Мода и Дизайн

L'opinione di Elisa Bongiascia

Elisa Bongiascia

Course attended:
Professional Course - Image Consulting

Location: Milan

Current Profession: Entrepreneur Gold Black Style / Image Consultant and Personal Shopper

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Elisa’s opinion

"The courses at Accademia del Lusso allowed me to gain an understanding of the fashion sector, and above all have opened my mind, having taught me to see things from a different point of view. In particular, I found the module in Business Management very useful, as it gave me a series of entrepreneurial skills which I believe are essential for starting a career in the fashion industry.”

L'opinione di Simone Camoirano

Simone Camoirano

Course attended:
Professional Course - Visual Merchandising

Location: Milan

Current Profession: Sales for Italy at SAITT

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Simone’s opinion

“I can’t deny that my decision to enrol at Accademia del Lusso was very much deliberated over because of the total cost of the course, but it was only by actually attending the school that I understood it wasn’t an expense but an investment. I believe that the preparation acquired is of marked importance, and this I realise directly on the job. I’d recommend attending Accademia del Lusso’s courses, but only if you’re absolutely sure you want to follow lessons with head and heart, because it’s not only about getting a qualification that will open all the doors, but about laying the foundations for a professional figure who is able to grow with a solid grounding.”

L'opinione di Alberto Cuocci

Alberto Cuocci

Course attended:
Professional Course - Visual Merchandising

Location: Milan

Current Profession: Visual merchandiser for Giorgio Armani

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Alberto’s opinion

"I’m satisfied with the course I attended because I believe Accademia del Lusso contributed to completing my preparation and training me for the profession I hold today.”

L'opinione di Sebastian Valdez

Sebastian Valdez

Course attended::
Intensive Course - Fashion Product Design

Location: Milan

Current Profession: designer for Alberto Piattelli

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Sebastian’s opinion

“Right from the start, Accademia del Lusso demonstrated to be able to satisfy my hunger to learn, and gave me the opportunity to get to know wonderful people who share the same passions as me. The school always cared about my job status, organising a few interviews for me and helping me find a job in the world of fashion. Ultimately, Accademia del Lusso made me believe I could achieve my dreams.”

L'opinione di Antonella Porta

Antonella Porta

Course attended:
Professional Course - Image Consulting

Location: Naples

Current Profession: Image Consultant, Fashion Stylist and freelance Personal Shopper; freelancer at Pink Life Magazine

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Antonella’s opinion

“I’m very satisfied with my experience at Accademia del Lusso – I found it inspiring! The course I attended was comprehensive and thorough as it allowed me to get to know in depth the basic theory behind image consulting and also to apply the knowledge acquired through the large amount of practical activity.”

L'opinione di Luna Corbari

Luna Corbari

Course attended:
Intensive Course - Fashion Product Design

Location: Milan

Current Profession: Freelancer at Castor

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Luna’s opinion

“Accademia del Lusso is just how I imagined it to me when I went for the first time to an Open Day: staff are professional, helpful and friendly; a big family. The school is welcoming, and is the perfect place to meet up with classmates and be creative even outside of lesson time. The teachers helped and encouraged me to nurture my talent, and thanks to their support I participated in the 13th Competition of Italian Fashion in Riccione (XXIII Concorso Riccione Moda Italia), winning an important prize.”

L'opinione di Francesca Mandalà

Francesca Mandalà

Course attended:
Master's Course - Luxury Goods Communication Management

Location: Milan

Current Profession: Giorgio Armani Press Office

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Francesca’s opinion

“My experience at Accademia del Lusso was positive and satisfying. The teachers are knowledgeable, professional and very willing to help, often coming exactly from the work environment that we students are aiming to get into: the perfect combination for whoever wants to acquire a solid foundation to start building a career in fashion.”

L'opinione di Elena Milani

Elena Milani

Course attended:
Master's Course - Fashion Product & Programme Management

Location: Milan

Current Profession: Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer for Nena, the fashion house she created herself

Elena’s opinion

“All of the subjects I studied and the skills I acquired, from planning to public speaking, are extremely useful to me in my work environment. Currently I manage my own clothing line and I am putting into practice all that Accademia del Lusso taught me. In particular, the Master’s Course gave me a complete vision of how to manage a business, not only from the creative point of view but also from a managerial prospective.”

L'opinione di Paolo Furini

Paolo Furini

Course attended:
Professional Course - Fashion Design

Location: Milan

Current Profession: Assistant Fashion Designer

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Paolo’s opinion

“I feel very satisfied by the course, both in terms of the contents and teaching. I particularly appreciated the helpfulness demonstrated by the teachers, who supported me both during lesson time and – even more importantly – out of school time. I currently work as an Assistant Fashion Designer and continue to realise how essential and relevant the skills learnt during the course are in preparing students for the work environment.”

L'opinione di Maira Oliveira

Maira Oliveira

Course attended:
Intensive Course - Fashion Styling

Location: Milan

Maira’s opinion

“I’m totally satisfied with the course in every way. The teachers are very skilled and always approachable for help and support even outside of class time. Lessons were really interesting and relevant, and the most important thing is that alongside the ‘theoretical’ lessons there’s also ‘practical’ work to carry out in the field, which allows students to get closer to the world of work. I actually participated with a great sense of achievement as a dresser at the Harmont & Blein Fashion Show during Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, and as a dresser and backstage support (as well as a model) at the Abstract Feelings Fashion Show organised by Accademia del Lusso.”

L'opinione di Valentina Guelpa Rolone

Valentina Guelpa Rolone

Courses attended:
Master’s Course - Luxury Brand Management, Professional Course - Design, Professional Course - Fashion Styling, Short Course - Trends & Coolhunting

Location: Milan

Current Profession: Representative for the International market at the LemonDrops showroom

Valentina’s opinion

“The courses I’ve done and that I’m still attending are very useful for gaining a larger vision of fashion in all its subtleties. This is also thanks to the teachers at Accademia del Lusso: talented and experienced professionals who are truly passionate about the world of fashion. Thanks to all I’ve learnt at Accademia del Lusso, I’ve been able to find a place in the world of work.”

L'opinione di

Giulia Soldà

Course attended:
3-Year Course - Fashion Styling & Editing

Location: Milan

Giulia’s opinion

“When I started my study path at Accademia del Lusso three years ago I was already fascinated by the world of fashion, but saw it as distant and unreachable. I only knew what turned out to be just the front cover of an intricate system made up of numerous and multi-talented people working behind the scenes of what the average person would consider as the fireworks of fashion; that spark of magic. My unripe knowledge developed thanks to the expertise of my teachers and to the interesting and practical courses. I’ve had some unique experiences, like living the backstage frenzy of catwalks during fashion week, feeling the complex processing of the imagination to conceive and organise a fashion photo shoot, and I’ve come into direct contact with real businesses in the sector. They’ve been three demanding years, and hard work from a professional and personal point of view, but I’d do them again without thinking about it twice.”

Sofia Jiao's opinion

Sofia Jiao

Course attended:
3-Year Course - Fashion Design

Location: Rome

Sofia's opinion

"I choose Accademia del Lusso because I was attracted by the professional environment and the teaching method which is about bringing up the creativity of students and preparing them for their future careers. The studying schedule is very intense. During the regular classes the academy allows us to attend a lot of competitions and that has both pushed me to be very creative and allowed me toapproach different fields of the fashion industry. In one year I have attended two fashion shows, one fashion exhibition,was one of the three finalist of Underwear Week Milano competition and four of myt-shirt designs have been produced and are being sold online.Furthermore, Accademia del Lusso has given me the chance to attend fashion events and even helping organizing them, which is also a great opportunity for me to learn the whole process of fashion events and get in touch with successful fashion designers. These precious experiences not only have improved my professional skills but have also prepared me to work in this field."